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How Much Does It REALLY Cost to Build a Website For My Business?

Having a website built for your business is not for the faint hearted. You have to be ready to spend a good deal for a great looking website that functions to the best of its potential while keeping your audience engaged. The cost of that depends on the type of website you are building, the functionalities you require on it and how you are planning to present your business with the help of what’s put upon it. You do not have to spend a fortune on one website if you keep an eye on the unnecessary expenses that are reducible.

It is hard to estimate an average total cost of a website without considering the variables and requirements which make the cost differ greatly. A business website potentially costs between $5,000 to $10,000 while the average cost of setting up, designing, web building and content creation regarding a website is around $6.760. *

Types of Websites

There are so many different kinds of websites available in the market and so many more are popping up every next moment. The cost varies greatly among these types of sites so knowing a few major kinds would help one decide what kind they require for their business. Take a look at a few major types of websites below.

Magazine Sites

The website magazines are the online versions of an everyday magazine. These magazines are structured to mostly look like one at your hand.


E-commerce sites let you buy and sell online directly from them. It usually comes with shopping carts, payment gateways, etc.


Blogs are usually personal websites containing personal opinions and multimedia for the world to see. It contains a brief introduction of the writer.


Portfolio sites are modified to showcase the works and expertise of the person whose portfolio it holds.

Social Media

Social media sites are the ones that let the users collaborate and socialize on the website to create an online community.

Web Directory

Online directories are listing sites that are optimized to show the best results upon search.

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Domain Name Selection

You have to find a name for your website that is unique to your business (not taken by anybody else). You must choose an affordable and quality hosting provider for your website. You must have a clear picture in mind as to what are the things that you are looking for to set a tone for your business in general.

How to choose a domain name

Looking at the price tags, .coms are the most popular and the most expensive one. .nets, .orgs ect. are a little more affordable in price compared to the .coms. But as a business owner you should be able to choose the best domain for the type of business (Company/Organization/Network) you own. Since .coms are the most popular ones, choosing a different one from it while keeping the .com domain with the same name available in the market may invade the uniqueness of your brand.

People choose to buy as well when buying something other than it. The .com domain prices start from $1.99 to $649.99 per year depending on the unique domain of your choice and its demand. You can read the article to learn how-to-choose-a-domain-for-your-blog

Hosting Services

Hosting is the service that lets people publish their websites on the internet for the world to see. There are hosting service providers that give their clients tons of additional facilities to make their life easy on the internet. Choosing a top-notch web hosting service would cut your work and stress in half. Shared hosting is relatively cheaper in nature and it costs from $2.49 to $15 per month.

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive kind and the cost can range from $80 to $730. Look for the scope of integrating the items below into your hosting plan and if your host provides some or all of the necessities listed below.

Hosting Services

Security Certificate

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a small data file that gives confidence in the authenticity and reliability of a website or web application. It is a networking protocol designed to build secured connections between web servers and clients. 

A certification authority (CA) verifies the authenticity and reliability of the website applying for SSL before granting them the security certification. CA also evaluates the internal security layout and framework as per state regulated policies and international cybersecurity laws. The SSL is granted to websites, web servers, web applications and Internet Service Providers (ISP).


Most servers would provide automated and cloud based backup to your website. Data loss is one of the major concerns of published websites. Disasters occur and they come without forecasts so best be ready for them all the time. Staying unaffected by the sudden system failures or such would require a strong backup storage support that gets updated easily and you can restore with a few clicks if needed.

Another concern is the security of the backup files. Choosing a good server providing great backup support would ensure a malware and ransomware free facilities 24/7 as well.


CDN or Content Delivery Network is a geographically fanned out network of proxy servers and the data centers powering them on. CDNs ensure smooth delivery of contents to the end users regardless of their geographical location. The first 10 TB costs from $0.04 to $0.11 per GB based on location and over 100 TB costs vary from $0.01 to $0.04 per GB.

You must get a CDN for your business website. There are a handful of free CDNs available in the market that help you kick start and later move on to other purchased versions of the same service should you require better speed, performance and agility. CDN prices may vary depending on your location and how much data you are dealing with.


The targeted location of your business and where it is based are both very crucial variables when it comes to creating and managing a website for your business. SSL and CDN services would have to adapt to the location of your base and target as well. It will play an even bigger part when the price of these items are considered.


Security concerns are the most significant when you are making your business public. Without a good security backup, your data and algorithms may suffer the scare of thefts and hacks. Spending enough on security purposes would keep you safe from unnecessary breaches and anomalies.

Web Development

Looks and functionalities matter for websites and there’s no two ways about it. Websites are popping up left and right nowadays for every kind of business as they aim for a global reach. Without a catchy look and efficient functionality, it becomes hard for business owners to grab the attention of the online traffic in the era of short attention spans.

web development

One would need to hire expert coders, graphics designers and business analysts to build their website from scratch. Or there are free and buyable web development tools available on the internet for mass usage. Hiring a team to develop your site would cost more than a website solution any day but you need to look at your requirements and your unique business needs. Freshbooks states that a software developer may typically charge an average of $75 per hour for his/her services.

Copywriting and SEO Services

The hosting services you’ve bought may come with copywriting and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools as well. But in most cases, you are on your own regarding the content related materials. The written contents on your website would communicate what the business stands for and the promises you make. Good SEO would grant you the opportunity to place better on search engine results. 

Hiring a good copywriter and purchasing a quality SEO tool should give you the upper hand on the existing market.

copywriting and Seo services

Design and Multimedia

The design of your website would be well incorporated with what it’s about and be aligned with the taste of the people involved with it. Designing the website would mean what kinds of media would be showcased and how much. The alienation of multimedia across the website would decide the final look of the site.

Graphics designers and web developers hired would put in the work to best fit your design and promotional needs. The design of your website will decide whether your audience will stay on your site or live for a better option. Making a good impression with a catchy design would showcase your credibility and willingness to compete for your place in the market.


Website maintenance is another big issue after the completion of the development and designing phase. Maintaining a website means to keep checking for issues and mistakes while making sure it stays up-to-date and relevant. There are free tools like Google Analytics in the market for website maintenance or you can invest in other purchased services for better support or to fit your unique business needs.

Total Cost of a Website

Though it is hard to estimate an average total cost of a website without considering the variables and requirements which make the cost differ greatly. According to Freshbooks, a business website potentially costs between $5,000 to $10,000 while the average cost of setting up, designing, web building and content creation regarding a website is around $6.760.

How to Not Overpay for a Website?

Since a lot of loopholes can be created during the process of having a website developed for your own business, one must keep an eye out for where the cost can be cut. Below are some of the pitfalls that can make you overpay for the services –

Deciding on Requirements

The first step is to decide what you require on your website. Look at the services or products your business provides and figure out what could be the online alternatives to present them to the customers creatively. Then you would find the features and options that are required on your website to engage relevant traffic. That would make sure that you do not pay for unnecessary stuff to overcrowd your site. That will in turn cut the cost.

Search for Options

One must look for a few options before going for one whether it is for choosing a domain, hosting or whatever else on the list. S/he must verify the cost comparing between a few businesses providing similar services to settle for the best price in the market. Overpaying just because you lack the time to research would be one costly mistake.

Continuing Costs

Domain, hosting etc. costs continue for a certain period of time as well as being subject to renewal. One must calculate the yearly cost of monthly subscriptions before committing to one. One honest mistake can cost you thousands if your eyes trick you to see “per year” in the place of “per month.”

Do What You Can Yourself

Avoid handing over all the responsibility of your website to a third party because that would cost you in ways that’s hard to keep track of. Having the building up and designing done by some company and taking up the rest of the responsibility to make customizations and updates later on would be the best possible idea. That would save you tons of bucks and give you the authority over your website.

There are ways to cut costs while building your own website but it always runs the risk of compromising on quality. Nobody wants that so being at the ready to strike the balance is the best defence one can prepare for. Avoiding ways that have the potential to bring businesses and websites down is another good trick to follow. Hope you find the best services at the best price and the above information guides you well on that track.