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How to disable Network Manager on Centos 7

If you want to install cPanel on the latest centos 7 servers then sometime you will face an error network manager. 


On this article, I describe how to disable the Network Manager service and allows the interface to be managed only by network service.


1. To check which are the interfaces managed by NetworkManager

# nmcli device status

This displays a table that lists all network interfaces along with their STATE. If Network Manager is not controlling an interface, its STATE will be listed as unmanaged. Any other value indicates the interface is under Network Manager control.


2. Stop the NetworkManager service:

# systemctl stop NetworkManager

3. Disable the service permanently:

# systemctl disable NetworkManager

4. To confirm the NetworkManager service has been disabled

# systemctl list-unit-files | grep NetworkManager

5. Add the below parameter in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX of interfaces that are managed by NetworkManager to make it unmanaged.


Now again run cPanel install command.

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