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What is Google Analytics, how to add to your website?

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that tracks website traffic information. The main job of

What is Webmaster Tools, How to use it?

Google Webmaster Tools is a free service from Google Company, which allows you to monitor and maintain

How to add a new Cron Jobs, how to change cPanel language, password and style? (cPanel Last Part)

Through Cron Job, you can run a script or code automatically on your server after a specific time. For

How to install and manage a SSL for your site? (cPanel Part-6)

SSH (Secure Shell) This protocol is used to log into a remote computer shell from another computer by

How to create and configure a mail account with your domain? (cPanel Part-5)

The main functions of the Email Accounts section are to manage the mail account, creating new mail accounts,

How to create a Subdomain, Aliases and add a Redirection with another domain? (cPanel Part-4)

Site Publisher's main job is to publish your domain. As here, I have 1 domain and 1 subdomain. There

How to create a MySQL Database and connect with a user? (cPanel Part-3)

We are familiar with those websites and localhost, almost everyone is familiar with php MyAdmin. You

How to Upload, Delete and Edit a file on your site through cPanel? (cPanel Part-2)

This page is known as the C-Panel Home-Screen Page, after the login to the cPanel. The C-panel homepage

cPanel Guide for beginner (cPanel Part-1)

The cPanel is a very popular web-based control panel. A website has full control over the cPanel. The

Best 5 Free Windows Apps

We all know about Windows software and use every day. The life of any operating system is its programs

5 Best Android Reminders App In 2018

If the phone is used for every field of life, why not get the phone's help to remind you anything? Today,

How to use Linux Command-Line on Windows 10?

Microsoft has been investing in making Windows 10 as the best operating system. Microsoft has not only

Top 5 free alternative programs of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is one of Microsoft's most popular and most successful products. Microsoft Office Suite

What The Difference Between Chromium and Google Chrome?

Chromium is an open source browser project. When Google released its first web browser Google Chrome