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How to add a WHM server on WHMCS?

WHMCS provides some automation systems that are very important for online business.

What is WHMCS? Why use it?

WHMCS is a client management, billing, and client support system online application/software that is

How to customize your cPanel (Reseller Part-10)

Customize Branding: Enter your company name here. If anyone needs help, for those you can add a help/support

Two-Factor Authentication Setup in cPanel (Reseller Part- 9)

Today we will know how to set up 2 Factor Authentication in your account?

What is DNS? How to add, edit, and delete DNS? (Reseller Part-8)

DNS (Domain Name Servers) is a type of database that stores a list of reserved domain names against each

What is the List Account? How to Modify Accounts? (Reseller Part -7)

Sometimes the client wants to increase its accounts disk space, bandwidth for various reasons. In that

How to install SSL in the domain through WHM? (Reseller Part-6)

SSL is a short form of "secure sockets layer", it's developed by Netscape. It’s created

How to suspend and unsuspend client account? (Reseller Part- 5)

In today's part of Reseller Hosting Tutorial, we will learn, how to suspend and unsuspend the client

Changing the cPanel account’s password and account terminate (Reseller Part-4)

Often the customer forgets the password and repeatedly disturb you. Let’s not know.

Package Upgrade/Downgrade and edit Package (Reseller Part-3)

For upgrading/downgrading packages, you need to log in to that WHM.

How to make packages and cPanel? (Reseller Part-2)

Let’s know how to make a cPanel in WHM. But yes, before doing this, you have to create a new package

What are the requirements for hosting business? (Reseller Part-1)

Reseller web hosting has become very popular at the present time. Actually, reseller hosting is a type