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Why Bangladeshi Hosting

Determining a hosting service provider is the most crucial decision you will have to make if you are looking for a website for your company, institution, or anything. The future of your website depends on how efficiently you choose the hosting service provider. There are a number of hosting providers in Bangladesh also. Unfortunately, there is a huge misconception among the people of Bangladesh that Bangladeshi hosting providers are not as good as foreign hosting providers.

You must consider a lot of factors if you are looking for a suitable hosting service provider for your website. Most importantly, if you are searching for an appropriate hosting provider, you should discard all the prejudices and misconceptions you have about hosting services. The first misjudgment you probably have is that Bangladeshi hosting services are not of the best quality. This article will help you discard all your misconceptions and choose the best hosting service provider for your website. 

There are a few hosting providers in Bangladesh who provide the best quality web hosting services which you will not get from the foreign hosting providers. Investing some time up front in the future well-being of your website is necessary for understanding why Bangladeshi hosting service providers are your best choice. If the targeted traffic of your website is from Bangladesh, Bangladeshi hosting service providers are your best choice. Why best? Let’s see.

First impressions are very vital. You don’t want new visitors to leave your site before your home page loads. For that reason, you need a fast website. A closer server location makes sure that your web pages load faster than the farther server locations. If your targeted traffic is from a particular area, you should choose a hosting provider that is as much closer to that locality as possible. For instance, if you need a website for your school/college/university situated in Dhaka, your best choice is to choose a hosting provider around Dhaka, because all your traffic will try to access your website from around Dhaka. If your hosting provider’s location is in Dhaka, the latency time will be much less than that of anywhere around the world. However, if your site has visitors from around the world, servers on multiple continents will ensure the fastest connection time for everyone. In this case, few companies in Bangladesh have hosting servers in Bangladesh as well as in other continents. Among them, TOSHOST, Eicra, Web Host BD, Dhaka Web, etc. are mentionable.

A CDN (content delivery network) is designed to decrease latency by having a network of proxy servers around the world. Many companies provide paid CDNs in Bangladesh, and some offer them for no additional charge; this is another reason for you to choose Bangladeshi hosting. 

Servers which use SSDs instead of HDDs will definitely load your site faster. Some Bangladeshi companies like TOSHOST, Web Host BD, Dhaka Web, etc. have SSDs in their servers. These companies are also committed to provide you with all kinds of support 24/7.

You need a web host who proactively keeps their software up to date for security reasons. Backups for all your data are also essential in choosing a hosting provider. They make disasters less disastrous. In this case, if you choose Bangladeshi hosting providers, you will be able to check the availability of these services by yourself.

Bangladeshi hosting providers are doing a great job by providing top quality services to the people of Bangladesh, and many Bangladeshi and foreign companies with reasonable prices. The rates of Bangladeshi hosting are much lesser than the rates of foreign hosting. Besides, if you choose a Bangladeshi hosting, it will help the economy of Bangladesh as a whole by keeping the flow of money into the country. 

Now it’s your decision if you want a better service with lowest possible rates or a slow/unreliable service with much higher rates?

To be honest, you must be careful in choosing a hosting provider. Not all the hosting providers of Bangladesh offer best services. It is a better option to avoid them and choose among the best Bangladeshi companies as your hosting providers.