Dedicated Server

Toshost Dedicated hosting is the ultimate solution for agencies, system admins, or experienced developers seeking high capabilities. Our high-performance dedicated server hosting comes with isolated resources and high-performance server options. Run your mission-critical applications with Toshost dedicated hosting with zero latency and 100% uptime.

We design and assemble every server with the next-generation component by ourselves and deliver it to you at the lowest possible time. Toshost provides various types of dedicated hosting servers to meet the requirements of different companies.

Whether you choose the basic plan or the most advanced plan, our dedicated hosting will provide you with the best hosting experience.

  • Highly Protected
  • IPMI Access
  • cPanel/WHM
  • 99.99% Uptime

$ 89

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Intel Latest CPU Dedicated Server Collection

CPU RAM Disk Bandwidth IPv4 Price #
Intel Xeon E3- 1230vX 32 GB 480 GB SSD 1gbps uplink /20 TB /29

$ 89.00

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Intel Xeon E3- 1270v3 32 GB 480 GB 1gbps uplink /20 TB /29

$ 109.00

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Intel Dual L5639 72 GB 480 GB 1gbps uplink /20 TB /29

$ 119.00

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Intel Xeon Dual E5-2680v2 64 GB 2x480 GB 1gbps uplink /20 TB /29

$ 220.00

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Intel Xeon Dual E5-2680v4 128 GB 2x1.6TB 1gbps uplink /20 TB /29

$ 340.00

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Intel Xeon Dual E5-2690v4 128 GB 2x1.6TB 1gbps uplink /20 TB /29

$ 370.00

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Intel Skylake Silver 4110 64 GB 980 GB SSD 1gbps uplink /15 TB /29

$ 420.00

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Looking for a server with different specifications? No problem, Contact us today with your requirements for a quick. Budget dedicated server.

Start your next project perfectly equipped!

You may choose between various operating systems and applications. You get the latest and greatest operating system free* of charge. You may select the OS of your choice through your customer panel once your server has been activated.

*Windows Webserver 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard* and Windows Server 2016 Standard* ($ 25 /month)


Experience robust Performance with SSD storage and highspeed bandwidth. Toshost Dedicated servers are powered by NVMe SSD storage

Bare Metal Server

Exploit the full processing power of your dedicated hosting from our single-tenant bare metal server. We use the best hardware and software to ensure robust performance and 100% uptime. Use our high-resilience infrastructure to deploy your website or application and customize your machine as per your demand.

Intuitive Management

Manage everything from one panel using a custom Toshost Control Panel. We provide complete admin/root access for comprehensive server management – down from the kernel. Moreover, you can power cycle or reboot your server whenever you need. Manage all the email, domains, and websites you own from a single control panel.

Extreme Speed

Speed plays the most crucial role in setting up your SEO strategy. If you are dealing with an application, speed is more vital than anything else. Boost up your visitors' experience and bring your website to the first page of Google using our 20x faster dedicated hosting solution.

Enhanced Security

Toshost security experts run a security check on your server round the clock to catch any suspicious activity and take prompt action. Our single-tenant infrastructure provides optimum security and control over your server. Besides, we have included an anti-DDoS protection system with your dedicated hosting server.

Easy Backup

Back up your files and databases with our shared hosting backup option. We provide both on-demand snapshot and auto-backup options for your website and applications. With Toshost auto-backup functionality, you don't need to be tensed about your application. Just use the recover option in a disaster, and everything will be up and running in seconds.


In Toshost dedicated server, the resources you choose are devoted solely to you. You don't have to share your resources with anyone. We have a highly trained and experienced team to configure and design your server. With an optimized server for your application, you will never complain about the performance. 

Free SSL

You will get a free SSL with your dedicated hosting plan. If you build an eCommerce website, SSL is a must to earn your customers' faith and secure their credit and debit card credentials. Toshost SSL provides an extra security layer to your website and creates an encrypted connection between the user and your dedicated hosting server.

Dedicated Expert Support

We have a dedicated team to serve your dedicated hosting service owners. We may sleep, but our support never sleeps. You will get 24/7/365 support from Toshost. We provide our support in multiple channels. You can live chat with us, send us a message, or call us. We are never late and always offer the best we can do for your dedicated hosting clients.


You have the flexibility to scale your dedicated hosting with your demand: no need to wait and manual transformation of your database and files from one server to another. From storage to memory, just tell us what you need to change, and we will add resources to your server without any downtime.

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Reliable Dedicated Hosting

Toshost dedicated hosting comes with a dedicated server and root access. You don’t have to share your resources physically or virtually with any other person. Therefore, you can host any kind of website or application in your dedicated hosting. Such as: 

  • High Traffic website – VPS hosting is the best solution if your website has lots of traffic. Your resources are not limited, and your users will get the best experience doesn't matter how many people are present on the site. 
  • E-Commerce website – A eCommerce website is a complex application. Lots of applications work from behind the scenes. So, to provide the best user experience to your customers, you should use dedicated hosting. 
  • Video Streaming Website – Video streaming websites need heavy resources. Toshost dedicated hosting is the perfect solution for video streaming sites. Provide buffering-free videos to your visitors with dedicated hosting.
  • Heavy Applications – resource-heavy applications such as an ERP, CRM, POS, and other financial applications need rich resources and top security. Hence dedicated hosting is better for them.

ALL Dedicated Server Comes from Best Config Node.

Up To 10 Gbps Speeds
IPMI / KVMIP / Console
Full Root Access
24/7/365 Support
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Remote Power Reboots
Custom Configurations
30 Minute Ticket Response

Easy Management

Do not waste your valuable time managing your server. Leave it to Toshost dedicated server experts. We provide a fully managed dedicated hosting server with full root access. That means you can customize your server anytime but don’t need to optimize your server for the application. We will do that for you. 

Toshost's dedicated server comes with industry standards cPanel to manage your hosting. And you will have WHM to manage your server. You can create users by defining their levels, or you can create a superuser to control everything.

protect server picture
access root picture

Multisite or Reselling Capability

Host as many websites or applications as you want. Calculate your resources and distribute them across your applications. You can create as many cPanel as you wish. As the entire resources are dedicated to you, only every application and website will run smoothly as far as you are within your limit. 

Moreover, you can manage reseller hosting within your dedicated hosting and earn revenue. We will ensure you get your resources, and you ensure your clients are getting the best support.

Dedicated Service

Don’t worry about managing your server. Toshost has a dedicated team to manage your dedicated hosting. Besides, you will get 24 hours support throughout the year without any break. We start working on your issue just after receiving your message and fix the problem at the earliest possible time. 

We provide support in multiple channels so that you can contact us anytime at your convenience. You can open a ticket from our portal, send an email or even call us at any time.

access root picture
control panel picture

User-Friendly Control Panel (cPanel/WHM)

Install WordPress, Magento, Joomla, or any other content management system with a single click. With the Softaculous installer, you can install more than 300 applications. Furthermore, you can manage all of your installations with the Softaculous feature. 

No need to go to WordPress or other CMS dashboards to update their version. You can do that directly from your Cpanel with Softaculous. Moreover, you can thoroughly uninstall a CMS with all of its files and databases with Softaculous.

How Dedicated Hosting Works?

VPS Hosting

From Wikipedia, “Dedicated hosting server is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else.” You may have heard about VPS, Cloud Hosting, but none of them provides dedicated hardware. But in dedicated hosting, you will get a physical server with all of its resources. 

The hosting provider configures your dedicated server according to your application. Dedicated servers are best for high-traffic websites or complex applications such as a private cloud, VOIP, gaming, database streaming, or other business requirements. 

You have to select your dedicated hosting solution in two steps. 

First, you have to select the hardware. You will choose the type of processor you will need for your application. Is it a single processor with 6 cores or a dual processor with 24 cores? And you will select how much RAM you need, what will be cache memory, and of course, the type of storage you want. You can choose from SSD or HDD storage as per your requirement. 

After choosing the Hardware, you will select your software, starting with the operating system. You can choose from Windows, Linux, or any other server operating system. Apart from O/S, you can also select the virtualization software (i.e., VMware, Hyper-V, etc.) if you want to run any virtual server. At last, you will need server management software such as Cpanel, WHM, etc.

Difference Between Shared Hosting - VPS Hosting - Dedicated Hosting

Topic Server Type Resources Security Traffic Performance Suited for
Shared Hosting Shared Shared Resources from the entire server Moderate security Bad for high traffic websites Moderate Performance Beginner but not suitable for any running business
VPS Hosting Virtual Dedicated Server Specific resources but still limited Enhanced security Suitable for high traffic but not good enough for extensive websites. Good for regular application Ideal for small to medium business
Dedicated Hosting Dedicated Physical Server Total resources of the physical server The best you can get Optimized for high traffic Optimized for robust applications Enterprise-level solution

Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about the Dedicated Server, general support, or advice, please contact us:

Dedicated hosting is a hosting solution where a web host company rents a physical server to a customer. Unlike shared or VPS hosting, in dedicated hosting, you get the entire resource of the server without sharing it with other customers. 

In shared hosting, you share a computer and its resources with many users. In VPS hosting, you share a computer with many users but not the resources. But in dedicated hosting, you do not share the physical computer and the resources. 

As the resources and physical computers are solely dedicated to you, you get the highest performance from dedicated hosting. 

Dedicated hosting also comes in managed and unmanaged modes. If you have a 24/7 certified IT, expert team, you can opt for unmanaged dedicated hosting, giving more freedom over your dedicated server. 

Dedicated hosting is best for websites with lots of visitors or applications requiring lots of resources to function. 

In a dedicated hosting server, you can select your processor, RAM, Storage, and other resources. After selecting resources, you can also select the operating system and other necessary software. 

Your hosting provider will customize and manage your dedicated hosting service.

Dedicated hosting is a comprehensive hosting solution provide. The hosting company will need an extensive infrastructure to deliver high-performance dedicated hosting. Here are some tips you should consider before choosing a dedicated hosting: 
  • The hosting company should have its own infrastructure and dedicated experts to manage and maintain that infrastructure. Third-party hosting can not provide top-quality dedicated hosting services. 
  • The price is another essential thing. Dedicated hosting is not a cheap hosting solution. So do not go for a cheap dedicated hosting solution. Compare prices from renowned dedicated hosting providers to get a clear idea about the pricing. 
  • People use dedicated hosting for websites with lots of visitors. 99.99% uptime is the standard of a dedicated hosting solution. Downtime will definitely affect your brand image and customer experience. 
  • Both managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting should be available from the hosting provider.
The standard price for a domain is 10-12 dollars for dot com. Some hosted solutions such as provides free domains, but those are not standalone domains. They are subdomains with the name of their mother domain. So, domains are never free, and you have to pay the standard price for them. 

But with Toshost dedicated hosting, you will get a FREE DOMAIN. Register hosting from us, and we will provide a free domain. It is a welcome gift from us, No need to pay for that.

Sure you can. In fact, buying high-end hosting at the beginning is not ideal for any business. Start with a smaller package and then upgrade as your business grows. You can change your hosting package or hosting type (Shared, VPS, Shared) anytime you want. 

Good web hosting will change your hosting plan without any downtime and delay.

There are two types of dedicated hosting – managed and unmanaged. If you choose managed hosting, your hosting company will handle everything from designing, customizing, and optimizing your server. But if you choose unmanaged hosting, you have to customize and manage your server yourself. 

Other than managing a standard web hosting company, will provide the following supports: 

  • Migrating your website from another hosting. 
  • Assigning namer server for your new domain (If purchased from the same hosting)
  • Provide software updates 
  • Ensure backup and security 
  • Help you in any critical situation with their online agents. 
  • In Toshost, we provide 24/7 support to our dedicated hosting customers.

No, you can not. A domain name is mandatory for any hosting solution. It’s like your home address and your home. An address can not exist without any home, and a home can not exist without any address. 

However, you don't have to purchase a new domain for your hosting. If you own a domain, you can assign that domain to your hosting.

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