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Register your domain name from Toshost. Toshost provides a wide range of unique domain options such as com, org, website, blog, etc. Choose the domain name from Toshost and launch your dream website. We provide easy domain management, domain lock, auto-renewal, domain forwarding, and other services to efficiently secure your domain.

Toshost provides 24/7 support with an experienced support team. A perfect domain name is as crucial as your perfect hosting plan. Select a hosting plan from us and DO NOT pay for your domain. The first-year charge of your domain is on us.

Every Domain Comes With Following Features

Free WHOIS Privacy Forever

Toshost provides free WHOIS privacy with every domain. Typically when you purchase a domain your data is stored in the Whois database and anyone on the internet can see your domain-related information. But with the Toshost Privacy protection feature, your domain information will remain private.

If you don't use Whois protection, your sensitive information such as your name, business name, phone number, and email address is visible to everyone on the internet.

Marketers, spammers use this database for their benefit. But Toshost believes in customer’s privacy. Get free WHOIS privacy from Toshost and remain anonymous to spammers, hackers, and marketers.

Sub-Account Tools

The Toshost sub-account tool is an excellent tool for web developers and agencies. For a developer, it is challenging to provide your clients access to different parts of the website and provide the necessary updates. You can create multiple sub-accounts using our sub-account tool to provide access to your clients and still manage by yourself.

Tohoshost sub-account tools are also suitable for setting up different billing profiles for specific services or domains. The sub-accounts you made will have the same security settings and pricing.

DNS Management Tools

Toshost provides an easy-to-use DNS management tool for your domains. From our DNS editor (Domains that are pointed to our Nameserver), you can add, edit or delete your DNS records and edit zone.

We also provide a helpful guideline for you to understand which DNS record does what. Don't worry if you don't understand what to do. Our technical team is always there to help you.

Email Forwarding

With Toshost email forwarding features, you can create your own customized emails and forward them to another email address. We provide this service for all domains that are pointed to our name servers. You can create hundreds of emails and forward them to other emails according to the package you purchased.

Create customized emails and point to another email using our easy-to-use domain forwarding feature.

Domain Forwarding

Toshost provides a powerful domain forwarding feature. Forward your domain to another domain address using our domain forwarding feature. Buying multiple domains for your personal or professional brand image is a good idea.

Purchase domains with a misspelling or other variations and point them to one single domain. Provide your customers with more options to visit your website with our domain forwarding feature.

Portfolio Management

Toshost domain portfolio management helps you to maintain and consult all of your domains more efficiently. You can use our client area to observe the process and status of your domain. We will send emails for every change you make for records.

Toshost domain portfolio management also helps you bring your intellectual property assets together. Save your domain with our portfolio management system from one place.

Registry Lock

Toshost registry lock system prevents your domain name from being hijacked by another party. If attackers gain unauthorized access to your registration data and domain name, they can modify various data related to the domain and even access the website pointed to that domain.

Registry locks prevent attackers from hijacking your domain by adding an extra security layer. You can also submit a request through your admin panel if you need to unlock the registry lock.

Domain Defender Protection

Many businesses are losing their domains from malicious attacks. With Toshot domain defender protection, you can defend your domain. Domain registry locks your domain information, but domain defender makes your domain even safer from the attackers.

Toshost domain defender protection prevents unauthorized access to your domain and sends you important notifications via email and text messages to your phone.

Pricing Rates or Tables

Create, collaborate, and turn your ideas into incredible products with the definitive platform for digital design.

Domain Name Registration 2 Year Renew Click Here
.com $ 8.99 $ 20.76 $ 11.77 Buy Now
.in $ 11.36 $ 22.72 $ 16.52 Buy Now
.online $ 36.24 $ 72.48 $ 38.20 Buy Now
.net $ 14.99 $ 29.98 $ 14.99 Buy Now
.co $ 25.81 $ 51.62 $ 27.67 Buy Now
.live $ 18.57 $ 37.14 $ 20.65 Buy Now
.xyz $ 10.56 $ 21.12 $ 11.017 Buy Now
.org $ 11.15 $ 22.30 $ 11.32 Buy Now
.club $ 10.71 $ 21.42 $ 14.97 Buy Now
.me $ 16.72 $ 33.44 $ 20.65 Buy Now
.today $ 18.59 $ 37.18 $ 19.51 Buy Now
.life $ 27.88 $ 55.76 $ 29.83 Buy Now
.shop $ 30.97 $ 61.94 $ 33.55 Buy Now
.store $ 52.14 $ 104.28 $ 56.79 Buy Now
.solution $ 19.51 $ 39.02 $ 19.62 Buy Now

Why Domain Privacy + Protection?

Hide your personal information, protect your domain and website. We Provide free privacy protection service.

Prevent compromise of your personal information.

Stop domain-related junk email, spam, or phone calls

Deter against potential stalkers or harassment

Protect against unauthorized access to your website and domain

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Domain Name Price Comparison

Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself that we have the cheapest domain name registration prices on the Internet. Compare our everyday lowest prices to those of our competitors.






Toshost $8.99 FREE! $8.99 You save with us!
GoDaddy $15.17 $9.99 $30.16 $21.17 more expensive
Namecheap $10.87 $2.88 $13.75 $4.76 more expensive
Google $12.00 $0.00 $12.00 $3.01 more expensive
Uniregistry $10.88 $0.00 $10.88 $1.89 more expensive
Network Solutions $34.99 $9.00 $43.99 $35.00 more expensive
Register.com $37.00 $11.00 $48.00 $39.01 more expensive
eNom Central $39.95 $8.00 $47.95 $38.96 more expensive
Dotster $14.99 $8.99 $23.98 $14.99 more expensive
Yahoo $9.95 $9.00 $18.95 $9.96 more expensive
Melbourne IT $36.50 $15.00 $51.50 $42.51 more expensive
Fabulous $29.95 $0.00 $29.95 $20.96 more expensive
Moniker $9.59 $4.00 $33.58 $24.59more expensive
Name.com $12.99 $3.99 $16.98 $7.99 more expensive
Domain.com $9.99 $8.99 $18.98 $9.99 more expensive
Hover $13.17 $0.00 $13.17 $4.18 more expensive
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Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about the Domain, general support, or advice, please contact us: +44 7441459777

Many people confuse a domain name with web hosting or even a website. But that is entirely a wrong concept. A domain name is an address that you see at the URL bar when you enter a website.

Let us make the topic easier to understand with an example. If you think of your website as a house, then a domain name is the address to your home.

In technical terms, a domain name refers to an IP address. We know computers are connected using a global network and the IP address is the method of communication between two computers.

But it would be impossible for a human being to remember the IP addresses for a website. Therefore, the domain name was invented. When you type a domain name, you are actually referring to an IP address. Thanks to network engineers, they developed the domain name!

Your online business starts with your domain. That’s why purchasing a domain is the most exciting part of your business. But it would help if you were very careful before buying. Any issue with the domain will destroy your SEO or even your online existence.

  • Be aware of hidden costs – Many hosting companies offer luring prices for a domain, but there are many hidden costs and unnatural renewal prices. So, before you purchase domains, read the contract carefully and avoid that hosting if there are any hidden charges.
  • Watch out for Addons – Some companies offer additional services when you purchase a domain name. They might push you to buy some other domains in a bundle from less reputed TLDs. They might provide you with further services that you won't use in your lifetime.
  • Free WHOIS edit function – When you purchase a domain, the company is bound to deliver your information to the WHOIS database according to the regulations. You can restrict your data to show before the world with additional payment. But some companies provide free WHOIS restriction facilities as we do in Toshost.
  • Transfer out fee – Some companies do not let you go easily and add a transfer out fee in the contract. A good web hosting company will not demand a transfer fee.
  • Here are some tips for you to consider before selecting a domain name:

  • Always select a short name for your domain. The shorter is the better.
  • Look at the domain names of your competitors and industry leaders and pick one close to them.
  • Make it simple and easy to remember
  • Do not pick a domain name with a domain extension of a popular brand to sell similar products or services. You will be caught by the brand and customers eventually and all of your assets will be in vain.
  • Do not stick with .com TLD only. There are more than 300 TLDs and you can get a memorable and short domain name with other TLDs.
  • Avoid slang or pup culture when you pick a domain name if you don’t want to limit your business to a certain group of people.

Sure, you can. In Toshost, we offer unlimited emails with every hosting account. Custom domain emails are an excellent asset for any business when you send emails from your domain account that add extra credibility to your email and increase the email open rate.

Creating custom domain emails from Toshost web hosting is very easy. Use your cPanel to create your custom domain and active using a webmail client. Moreover, you can point emails to another email using our email forwarding feature.

Domains are never free. You can get free domains in some hosted solutions such as WordPress.com, Bloggers.com but they are not a standalone domain but a subdomain. You should not use a subdomain for your personal or professional purpose, which will hamper your brand image.

But in Toshost, we provide a free domain with our hosting packages. Purchase a shared, VPS, or Dedicated hosting and get a domain for one year from us. Moreover, we will provide a free SSL and domain lock facility for your domain.

We don't have any limitations. You can register unlimited domain with us. If you want you can contact us for the reseller panel.

Yes, we are authorized to sell domain names. We have partnership with OwnRegistrar, Inc. as domain name reseller. OwnRegistrar, Inc. is ICANN accredited registrar and the IANA ID is 1250.

Sure you can. If you have a domain hosted by another register, you can transfer that to Toshost.com. All you have to do is get your EPP transfer code from your current provider and use that code to transfer the domain to our panel. If you need any assistance just create a support ticket.

Don't worry if you do not understand what the EPP is and how you can get that code. Just tell us about your domain, and we will assist you in transferring your domain from another hosting to our hosting.

Note: You have to pay a transfer charge to transfer the domain to our hosting.

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