Harmful wordPress plugins for your website which we do not recommend

This is the most common plugins related post that are resource abusive and should not be used on our servers.
Due to their abusive nature or incompatibilities, we do not recommend the following plugins:

*Note - If a plugin is not listed here, it does not automatically mean the plugin is ok*

Auto-post and auto-blog plugins are not allowed due to the high resources they tend to consume.

Spyder Spanker
Contextual Related Posts
WordFence (Due to Live Scanning)
Yet Another Featured Posts Plugin
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
Fuzzy SEO Booster
All in One SEO Pack
WordPress SEO - Yoast
Similar Posts
WP Automatic
WP Missed Schedule
WP Slimstat
WP Symposium
WP Statistics
SEO Auto Links & Related Posts
Backup Scheduler
Online Backup for WordPress
CodeTree Backup
EZPZ One Click Backup
WP Database Optimizer
Portable phpMyAdmin
WordPress Gzip Compression
WP File Cache
WP Super Cache
Quick Cache

Default plugins that should be removed:

Hello Dolly!

A plugin error can be an alarming issue to deal with; particularly if you have never faced it before. Plugin errors can occur after you have installed the plugin, after you have updated the plugin, or after you have updated WordPress.

Errors are caused by a number of issues including:

  • Bad Coding – A poorly coded plugin will cause problems regardless of what theme and plugins you are using.
  • Conflict with WordPress – Plugin code can be incompatible with the code used in the WordPress core files. Due to this, most plugin developers update their plugins after a new version of WordPress has been released to ensure that their plugin is still compatible. Unfortunately, many plugin developers do not do this, which is why you need to be extra careful when installing older plugins.
  • Conflict with Another Plugin – Plugins do not always play nice together, particularly when the plugins offer similar functionality.
  • Conflict with Your Theme – Many theme functions are placed in the theme’s functions.php file. The principle of extending a theme’s functionality using functions is the same as adding functionality through a plugin. As such, problems can occur if it is coded badly or if it conflicts with another plugin.