How to add a WHM server on WHMCS?

WHMCS is a client management, billing, and client support system online application/software that is used for online business. WHMCS provides some automation systems that are very important for online business.

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How to add a WHM server on WHMCS?

First, you have to login to your WHMCS account. After logging into WHMCS, click Setup> Products / Services> Servers.

If you have trouble understanding then follow the image above. After clicking on Servers, you will get a page to add Sever as shown below.

After clicking the "Add New Server" button, then you will find a page to add your server information.

Write your WHM's username on the Name Box. Hostname, IP address, name server, fill the box with the correct information.

Server Details: select cPanel/WHM on Type Box. Use your WHM’s username and password in the “Username and Password” Box.

Now you have to give API Token. You need to login to the WHM panel for API Token. After logging in, click Development. Here you will find an option called Manage API Token, click on it or go to the search options and search the API. Then you will get the Manage API Token option, like the image below.

Click Generate Token here. If you wait a bit, you will get API Token like the following pages.

Copy the API Token from here and paste it into the API Token box of the WHMCS Add Server page.

Mark the "secure" function, and click on Save Change button. After clicking Save Change Button, you will see a page as below.

Server Added Successfully!

The new server has been added and is now ready for use.