How to install WordPress on Vesta CP

How to install WordPress on Vesta CP?

To install WordPress in Vesta CP, first, you must log in to Vesta CP. From there to the “Database” section, you will need to create a new database for WordPress. You can create a database with any name.

How to create a database in Vesta CP?

First login to Vesta CP, follow the image below and create a new database.

Here, click on “Add” or “Save” button, with all the information correctly. Now login to your server with “root" user from the PuTTY software. From here, follow the commands below to access your files in the “public_html” directory.

cd /home/admin/web/

Here you have to install wordpress. Now follow the commands below to install wordpress.


If WordPress is saved correctly you will see the image above.

Now you have to execute the files from the archive. To unzip the, follow the command below.


Remove the folder from the “public_html” folder, and follow the command below to remove it.

rm index.html

Follow the command below to rename WordPress's configuration file.

mv wp-config-sample.php wp-config.php

Now open WordPress configuration file, and you write the database's information that created from Vesta CP, (database name, database user, database password). To edit this configuration file using “Vim”, follow the command below.

vi wp-config.php

Open the file using this command, and type "c" from the keyboard to edit. After this, press the "Escape" button to save the file and follow the following command.


Now visit your IP address or your website URL from your internet browser. Here you will see the Welcome screen of WordPress like the image below.

Here's your site's title, username, password and click "Install WordPress" button. If all information is correct, you will see a page like the image below.

Click on “Log In” button from here.

From here, log in with your WordPress username and password. After login, you will see your WordPress dashboard.

Here you will find all the tools you need to customize your website.