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How to make packages and cPanel? (Reseller Part-2)

In the previous part we learned, what are the requirements for starting a new reseller hosting business?

Today we will know, how to make a package and cPanel?

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Let’s know how to make a cPanel in WHM. But yes, before doing this, you have to create a new package which you add your client.

How to Create a Package?

At first login to your WHM panel.

Then click on the “Package” like the image.

Now click on “Add a Package”.


Enter the name of the package here and you specify the size of the disk size, bandwidth, FTP, email, form the form and click on “Add Button”.

Now your package is ready.


How to make a cPanel?

Again we have to go to the WHM panel.

From here, click “Account Functions” Button.

From there, click “Create a new account”

By the filling all of the information here. From the Mail Routing Settings, mark “Local Mail Exchanger” and click on the create button.


Now see, you have created a cPanel.

Here the client's cPanel details are given, and the client will be able to access his cPanel.

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