Top 5 differences between SSD and Regular hosting

When you plan to build a website or blog, first challenge comes for choosing domain and hosting. In this digital era, a business mainly starts with digital appearance. So, we’ve to select a good domain name as well as a profitable fastest web host for better customer response. One the other hand, a good speed website or blog is loved by google always. So, it’s really matter to rank your site in the search engine like google, yahoo to stay alive with your competitor. (I’ll discuss about google ranking factor later in another post)


So, choosing a profitable faster web hosting for your good reputation really a matter to walk in this digital competitive market. For this reason, SSD hosting and HDD hosting make confusion to choose. But if you know the differences between SSD hosting and HDD hosting, you will able to take decision easily which plans is perfect for your business website or blog. If you’re interested to know the terms very much, please take a long breath and start with me to know the pros and cons of SSD and HDD web hosting. It’ll cover all the information about SSD and HDD hosting plan.


Regular HDD Hosting:


Contextually Regular HDD means Hard Disk Drive. It’s a traditional drive which stores data by platters and in 1956 IBM first introduced us with HDD (Hard Disk Drive). So how HDD stores or writes your data in it.

I’ve told you before that HDD stores data mainly by platters like vinyl record player and in HDD there have many platters to write your data. Platters are also called spinning disks. When HDD stores or read any data platters or spinning disk moves extremely fast around the axis and data starts to store in the drive. In HDD, main theme is that the faster the disk will spin the faster it can finish to write. This process makes your system or computer more hot for heat. In regular hosting it's used SATA or SASS Disk. 


SSD Hosting:


Contextually SSD means Solid state drives and it works as like HDD but very effectively. How? In SSD there has no spin like HDD. So how SSD write or stores data?

Basically, SSD stores data by microchips. For this reason, SSD does not need to write any data by spin like traditional ways. It can store data by grid of electrical cells for sending and receiving data quickly and really, you’ll surprise how fast SSD can work in reality. This grid of electrical cells is divided into some basic parts which are called pages and data mainly stores here in SSD technology.


Top 5 differences between SSD and Regular HDD hosting:


I think you’re now clear about the basic terms of SSD and HDD and you are now able to take semi decision about your needs in choosing of your hosting plan.

Therefore, I’ll focus top 5 differences as like advantages and disadvantages of SSD and HDD hosting and it’ll totally clear you about choosing the best web hosting for you. Let’s go…


1. In the sense of Website Performance:


The main conditions of our website are to provide information or sale something to the valuable customer and it makes our digital business running. So, if the website performance is not good or takes time to load, visitor will feel bored. So, we’ve to assure website performance accurately to keep the customer going on in the online marketplace.


Nowadays most of the website/e-commerce site use CMS like wordpress or joomla (I think you’ve already decided to choose any CMS like that) and they have many prebuild theme, plugins to make the web portal dynamic. But when we use HDD, it spins to find the desired data and with a lot of plugins and theme in our website takes time to response quickly by HDD for traditional ways, but SSD plays very good in this sense.


As there have no need to spin the drive in SSD to read data, it can easily and quickly work for your web portal to response and data access and it can accurately load the prebuild theme and plugins as readymade. So, it’s really a good reputation for your online presence as well as in eye of search engine like google, yahoo, Bing.


2. In the sense of Reliability:


We store a lot important data of us and customer also in the web host. So, reliability is a great part to keep the company reputation going on.

As SSD is able to supply even very low energy and anyway if the system crash or damage SSD grid cells can also store the data, which can help you to preserved your important documents or data easily. But there has very little chance in HDD it when it crash or damage or hack.


3. In the sense of Energy saving and environment:


We’ve noticed that in HDD we’ve to waste a lot of energy to spin the data, but SSD doesn’t need huge energy like HDD. So, it really saves a lot of energy.

If we lose a lot of energy, the environment has to suffer it which is bad for us and another living being also. So, better ways to use something that is good for the environment as well as save our time, life and data.


4. in the sense of Price:


As SSD is costly than HDD, but in response or other facilities give SSD to bear the amount with fun. SSD takes less power but provides best services all the time.


5. In the sense of SEO


As you’re starting to present your business in this digital world. So, it’s very true you want to get potential customer from search engine like google and Google really rank well in the SERPS which website perform good to load.

In this case, you’ve to choose a good web host to run your website and SSD will fulfill your all needs in this case.

Where from you buy SSD hosting? 

From the above description, I think you’ve realized the necessity of SSD and how can help SSD your online business. But where from you’ll buy the hosting?

You can check here :