Two-Factor Authentication Setup in cPanel (Reseller Part- 9)

In the previous part, we learned about DNS, how to add DNS Edit, Delete? Today we will know how to set up 2 Factor Authentication in your account?

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How to set up 2 Factor Authentication?

You must first login to the WHM panel.

From here click on Security Center.

From here, click setup Two Factor Authentication.

Click on the "Setup Two-Factor Authentication" button here.

Download and install the Authenticator app on your smartphone. After installing, scan the bar with the Authenticator as you see above.

Or, like this image, you will find the Account and Key in your Authenticator and save it there. After saving, you will see a 6 digit code in the Authenticator, put that code here in the Security code box and click on the "Configure Two-Factor Authentication" button.


How to Delete Two-Factor Authentication?

If you need to delete Authentication for any requirement, then click on the Home> Security Center> Two-Factor Authentication> menu and click on the "Manage My Account" button.


From here click on the "Remove Two-Factor Authentication" button.

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