How to Start Your Own Reseller Hosting Business

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With the growing popularity of online means of communication, purchase, and transaction, you must be familiar with the term reseller hosting. Do you want to start your reseller business today? No worries, this is the perfect place. This content will throw light on reseller hosting business format and the steps to start your own one successfully. So, let’s start.

What do you mean by Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting refers to a web hosting type that assists you to operate your business by providing server space to others on rent. Under reseller hosting, you buy hosting wholesale, allocate parts of the hosting resources such as RAM, CPU, disk space, and server bandwidth to various customers. You perform as an intermediary that connects the infrastructure of a hosting provider with new customers.

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According to a recent statistic of Digital Information World, it is expected that web hosting services will have a stable increase in revenue of 15.5%. This indicates ample probabilities for you to start your reseller business today, particularly if you maintain the following steps.

How to Start Your Reseller Business Today?

Step 1- Develop Your Business Plan:

Select a niche and then choose the target audience- is it bloggers, designers, online entrepreneurs, web developers, and the like. Once you choose the target audience you will be able to select the right reseller hosting packages to serve them. Now define the business goals i.e. the plan to expand your customer base and business. Once you got this plan, start a company such as a GmbH or an LLC, following all the legal requirements.

Step 2- Choose Your Web Host:

Choose a reliable web host with a fine track record of providing fast, satisfactory, and safe hosting services. Consider features like software applications, pricing, customer support, and order management while choosing your web host. Have detailed research such as reading reviews, calling up their customer support, checking their channels on social media, and comparing pricing packages and different review sources.

Some mentionable features to consider while choosing your web host are as follows:

  • Web Host Manager Complete Solutions (WHMCS) installation for free
  • Unlimited cPanel licenses
  • Hassle-free white labeling services
  • cPanel migrations or free websites
  • Custom Nameservers
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Softaculous installation scripts
  • Reseller account for the domain name
  • Automatic backup
  • High performing solid-state drives
  • Simple email configurations
  • Powerful security platforms

Step 3- Set a Budget:

You don’t need a huge budget to start your reseller business today. Just invest carefully. After choosing your web host, check their reseller hosting packages, and choose one that matches your budget. You can switch to other pro hosting plans with the expansion of your business.

Step 4- Develop Packages:

Packages include different types of hosting and features that your business offers to your customers. You can keep the hosting packages around a core service and add hosting as the extra service, or you have the option to develop types of hosting with different valuable services added in specific packages.

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These different valuable services include FTP access, SSL certificates, registration of domain name, and single-click CMS installation. Calculate the overhead costs for hosting support, advertising, storage, and other services after proper market research while package pricing.

Step 5- Complete Support:

As you are a host, you are responsible for replying to support queries regarding the current services and new services you are going to provide. This can be divided into two types: self-support and technical support.

  • Self-support offers your customers premade replies to general problems or questions via a system accessible without your engagement. For instance, a FAQ section or knowledge base on your site about getting connected to the server through FTP or setting up your mail client.
  • Technical support means your direct involvement with clients via live chat, phone calls, or ticketing systems to answer questions, change services or solve a problem. But when you can’t solve any problem yourself, ensure that your host can help you there.

Use blogs, chatbots, how-to videos, Artificial Intelligence (AI) search applications, and other tools to provide complete support to the clients. Your potential clients can interact with your business through social media channels. So, ensure that your business has social media accounts and is effectively resolving problems that your clients have.

According to a review of Harvard Business, clients having positive experiences in the past spend 140 percent more than those having negative experiences. Unsatisfied clients are only 43 percent prone to remain customers after a year, while the happy ones can remain with your company for another 6 years or even more. So, to keep your clients happy ensure 24/7 support.

Step 6- Apply Private Nameservers:

Applying private nameservers can offer several advantages.

  • It gives your business a professional look.
  • It helps you to switch easily from one web host to another if you need to change your web host.
  • It gives you the possibility to migrate your customers’ all hosting accounts without requiring their involvement. You only need to change the IPs of the nameservers from the old one to the new one given by the new web host.

At first, configure the private nameservers after activation of the reseller account and you have got your login details. If you don’t know how to activate it, ask your web host to help you or do it on your behalf.

Step 7- Marketing and Promotion:

It is all about public interaction, targeting the niche audience, and promoting the brand to them to get paying customers. After your website is ready, include the required information there so that people can find it on search engines. Use keywords based on SEO to help your search engine indexing and rankings. Then promote your business on social media and through targeted advertising.

You can also send emails after having enough client base and concentrate on email marketing, developing a YouTube channel or a blog, or shooting how-to videos to post useful information for your audience. While writing, optimize the blogs for SEO to appear at the search engine results’ top position. It will drive organic traffic to the website. Doing all these will build your reseller business’s social strength.

Step 8- Automate and Control:

Automating your business means automating most of the tasks of the business to focus mainly on your business expansion. Many applications are available to automate repetitive functions such as billing. For instance, WHCMS, such applications send bills, links, reminders, and other things to your clients automatically. You can also use applications such as Web Host Manager (WHM) and cPanel through which you can control your full reseller business with the help of just a dashboard.

Thus, automation of your business functions makes it easier for you to focus on your business growth. You can fully concentrate on acquiring new customers and retention of the existing ones.

Step 9- Ensure Security and Trust:

Ensuring security and trust is an inevitable part to start your reseller business today. You will need to store your clients’ personal details like names, emails, credit cards, addresses on your server’s billing system while selling web hosting to them. You must make them feel safe that their all personal details are secure and none can steal those.

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An SSL certificate is required to ensure this security that encrypts all communications between the visitor and the server. Thus, any third party can’t detect the traffic to thieve important information. The wildcard certificates are the best because they protect your website as well as the billing system if billing software is installed on your subdomain.

New technologies like AutoSSL and Let’s Encrypt, allow you to offer SSL certificates for free to your customers.

Your clients will trust your site if it has trust seals like PayPal seal, BBB accredited business seal, MacAfee, a PCI company’s seal, displaying that your business has passed each e-commerce requirement to sell online and your company is active as well as verified.

Include your and your staff members’ pictures so that your potential clients will see the presence of live individuals behind the website that will increase their trust.


Reseller hosting will be the most suitable business form specifically if you are already offering web design and web development to the clients. Because it will help your business growth and you will be able to provide one-stop service to each website requirement. However, you can make money with this business even if you are a starter.

So, just follow the above steps and start your reseller business today. Wish you all the best!!!

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