How to install WordPress on CentOS7

WordPress is a free web content management system (CMS), which occupies 30% of the entire Internet

How to install LAMP stack on CentOS7

The "LAMP" stack is a group of open-source software that is usually installed together so that the server

How to configure a firewall in CentOS7

FirewallD is a firewall management solution, which is available for many Linux distributions.

How to install and use Vim text editor on CentOS7

The most powerful text editor accessible from the command line is vim editor.

Initial Server Setup with CentOS7

When you want to create a new server, you have to work a few steps, which are part of the basic setup.

How to Login to cPanel

How to login to latest cPanel on shared hosting

How to add a WHM server on WHMCS?

WHMCS provides some automation systems that are very important for online business.

What is WHMCS? Why use it?

WHMCS is a client management, billing, and client support system online application/software that is

How to customize your cPanel (Reseller Part-10)

Customize Branding: Enter your company name here. If anyone needs help, for those you can add a help/support

Two-Factor Authentication Setup in cPanel (Reseller Part- 9)

Today we will know how to set up 2 Factor Authentication in your account?

What is DNS? How to add, edit, and delete DNS? (Reseller Part-8)

DNS (Domain Name Servers) is a type of database that stores a list of reserved domain names against each

What is the List Account? How to Modify Accounts? (Reseller Part -7)

Sometimes the client wants to increase its accounts disk space, bandwidth for various reasons. In that