How to customize your cPanel (Reseller Part-10)

Customize Branding: Enter your company name here. If anyone needs help, for those you can add a help/support

Two-Factor Authentication Setup in cPanel (Reseller Part- 9)

Today we will know how to set up 2 Factor Authentication in your account?

What is DNS? How to add, edit, and delete DNS? (Reseller Part-8)

DNS (Domain Name Servers) is a type of database that stores a list of reserved domain names against each

What is the List Account? How to Modify Accounts? (Reseller Part -7)

Sometimes the client wants to increase its accounts disk space, bandwidth for various reasons. In that

How to install SSL in the domain through WHM? (Reseller Part-6)

SSL is a short form of "secure sockets layer", it's developed by Netscape. It’s created to deliver

How to suspend and unsuspend client account? (Reseller Part- 5)

In today's part of Reseller Hosting Tutorial, we will learn, how to suspend and unsuspend the client

Changing the cPanel account’s password and account terminate (Reseller Part-4)

Often the customer forgets the password and repeatedly disturb you. Let’s not know.

Package Upgrade/Downgrade and edit Package (Reseller Part-3)

For upgrading/downgrading packages, you need to log in to that WHM.

How to make packages and cPanel? (Reseller Part-2)

Let’s know how to make a cPanel in WHM. But yes, before doing this, you have to create a new package

What are the requirements for hosting business? (Reseller Part-1)

Reseller web hosting has become very popular at the present time. Actually, reseller hosting is a type

Ddos migration & conntrack sessions limit

Now a day ddos attack is a big problem for a busy website. Today I am going to share some command about

What is Linux? Why use it?

Linux has many advantages and its biggest advantage is that it is very safe. That means you can get rid

Differences between HDD and SSD.

The HDD- (Hard Disk Drive) is a well-known device, and those who have a fair amount of knowledge about

What is cloud hosting? Why use it?

Cloud Hosting is a hosting technology that combines many types of servers with a hosting system, where

How can we order a VPS at Tos Host?

Go to browser address bar, then type “Tos Host” and click to enter button for search. We look some