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we use a lot of software on our computer. And the maximum software is paid. If you want to get all of

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Google requires everyone to travel on the web through an (https) secure channel. Unencrypted websites

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Gutenberg is a new WordPress editor and a plugin of WordPress. Now Gutenberg is default editor of WordPress.

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f you want to get a good visitor for your website, there is no alternative to word research and you can

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Growth Hacking is a term for strategies focused solely on business growth. It is usually used for startups

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Email means the most popular messaging service or communication service on the Internet, which is used

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Through Cron Job, you can run a script or code automatically on your server after a specific time. For

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SSH (Secure Shell) This protocol is used to log into a remote computer shell from another computer by

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The main functions of the Email Accounts section are to manage the mail account, creating new mail accounts,

How to create a Subdomain, Aliases and add a Redirection with another domain? (cPanel Part-4)

Site Publisher's main job is to publish your domain. As here, I have 1 domain and 1 subdomain. There