Best 5 CDN Services for WordPress

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Today we will discuss about best 5 CDN services for WordPress. Before discussion it, we need to know about CDN. Everyone likes fast loading websites. Not only your visitors but all search engines, including Google, also give green signal to fast loading websites. And for fast loading websites, you will need to do website optimization. Although the website has many methods of speed optimization, in this article, I will discuss website optimization using CDN (content delivery network).

What is CDN?

A content delivery network (CDN) is a server that delivers fast Internet content at once. A CDN lets you quickly transfer the resources needed to load HTML content, JavaScript files, stylesheets, images, videos, etc. Currently, the popularity of CDN services is increasing, and now most web traffic is provided by CDNs, such as Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon.

A properly configured CDN help to protect your website from some unauthorized attack, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

Let’s know, about best 5 CDN (Content Delivery Network) Services for WordPress site.

  1. Max CDN

MaxCDN is most popular CDN service for WordPress, that used by many popular WordPress sites. MaxCDN provides many packages for their clients. If you use the WP fastest cache plugin you are lucky because the plugin comes with an easy MaxCDN integration feature. You just have to activate the CDN and provide the necessary information.


Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Israel, Sao Paulo, and other locations include the MaxCDN server in the United States and other cities of the EU. Its powerful control panel lets you control various cache options for your website. MaxCDN's plans start from $10 per month for 1TB Bandwidth. But if you want, you can test the service by creating a free account. To buy any packages from MaxCDN visit this link.

  1. KeyCDN

KeyCDN is another popular CDN solution that is popular for their sophisticated technology and they are popular for more optimization, including CDN. This service supports some popular platforms including Drupal, VBulletin, and XenForo.


While it comes to integrate with WordPress, it provides several options such as WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cash Plugin, and ZenCache. Security is one of your concerns, you will be happy to know that; KeyCDN provides free SSL certificates using LetsEncrypt.

Features of 30 days free KeyCDN

  • 30 days free service without a credit card
  • 250 GB free traffic
  • Add 5 zones are totally free
  • Instant account verification

If you want to get 30 days free service from KeyCDN, you can sign up here and enjoy 30 days free service.

  1. CloudFlare CDN

Widely used CDN services for WordPress in CloudFlare. Intelligent CDN service optimizes your distribution page and makes your website very fast. Blocking suspicious threats in CloudFlare and as a limitation for possible abuse, it will make your website more secure.

Already, Cloudflare is not just the CDN, but much more. They offer CDN, and web security, from various website development improvements. They have both free and paid type service. Although you can do a lot more than the free service, the paid service will provide you with some more advanced features. Cloudflare currently offers free SSL certificates for any site, if you have created a site on Google Blogger, you can secure SSL to your domain by using Cloudflare.

CloudFlare CDN

It does not matter, from which platform you created your site, you can use Cloudflare for any website. But if your site is made on WordPress, you can undoubtedly prepare your site for Cloudflare in a much quicker time.

To see CloudFlare all packages, you need to visit their site. Click this link to get a free service from CloudFlare.

  1. Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a fast content delivery network (CDN) service that provides data, video, applications, and APIs to customers worldwide with less delayed, high transit speed in a developer-friendly environment. Combined with CloudFront AWS - Both physical locations that are directly connected to the AWS global infrastructure, as well as other AWS services. CloudFront works for DDoS, Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balance or Amazon EC2 for your applications, works integrally with the services for customers to run custom code and customize the user experience.

AWS (Amazon Cloudfront)

Test purpose, you can start with Amazon CloudFront for free. AWS Free Trial includes 50GB data transfer out, 2,000,000 HTTP and HTTPS Requests with Amazon CloudFront.

  1. Incapsula

With its superior data centers located around the world, Incapsula is capable of providing a superfast service for a variety of needs. Such as Online Store, SaaS Business or On-Demand Video Streaming.

The Incapsula CDN service is especially popular for its enterprise-level security measures. In addition to PCI certified firewalls, the security system includes smart DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-service) protection and load balance features. The CDN service can be turned on or off by modifying a simple DNS.

It is possible to use free CDN services on personal blogs or simple websites. However, if you want to increase security features, premium packages are good for you.

In this article, we have learned about the best 5 CDN services for WordPress. To get the latest tech update, please stay with Tos Blog.

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