Data Security

Data Security

TOSHOST LTD Protecting your information and the information of your customers or end-users is extremely important to us. We have a comprehensive information security policy that approaches the safety of customer data from technical, legal, and operational vantage points. The following is an outline of TOSHOST LTD’s information security policy, but does not represent a binding agreement or guarantee..

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Data Centers

We use servers in well-known facilities (“data centers”) in the United States, United kingdom, Australia, Asia and Europe. Every data center features what the industry considers standard including environmental space conditioning, redundant power, in-line UPS battery backups, fueled generators for power generation, and multiple layers of physical access controls.



We want to ensure that our servers, network, and platform services are used for hosting legitimate services that are supported by the global Internet and business communities. To meet this goal, we have a team to oversee the compliance and risk liability of our services. If we see customer accounts or specific services with signs of suspicious activity, we take immediate action. More information can be found in our Terms of Service. If you identify potential misuse of our services or website, please report it to us.


Network Security

As the medium through which any data breach or service-affecting attack would propagate, the security of our data network is among our highest security concerns. We continuously monitor our network for signs of abuse, including attacks targeted to or originated by customers, brute force attempts, and network scans which are often precursors to malware infections. We take specific actions on hosted services by default to protect network security:

  • Automatically block incoming or outgoing DoS/DDoS attacks (Ddos Protection)
  • Block certain ports that are often used for abuse
  • Block access from blacklisted networks and IP addresses


Backups & Disaster Recovery

We provide a backup service to help customers back up hosted data. In addition, at managed backup solution, we take daily backups of our service infrastructure, including customer data as well as core services and configurations. Backups are stored in an off-site location relative to each data center. In the event of a catastrophic failure, we could restore data hosted in an offline data center to another location in a reasonable amount of time. 

Our backup services are provided as a courtesy and should not be solely relied upon. TOSHOST  LTD is not responsible for data loss. In the event of data loss, clients are responsible for manually taking and maintaining their own backups.

For more info, see: Backups Solution


Your personal privacy is of the highest importance to us, and we support your right to complete control over your personal data. We will never share your contact information or other personal data with third parties for marketing purposes, nor for any other purpose, except as stated in Subprocessors.

We abide by all US and EU regulations for data collection and transmission. We host customer data in the United States & Bangladesh. Where possible, we always:

  • Use 2048-bit commercially-signed SSL to transmit data requests and responses between parts of our website, applications, and third-party services
  • Pseudonymize and cryptographically encrypt personal data stored in our database


Additional Information

Full legal information about privacy and personal data security is provided in the following documents:

Updated on May 5, 2018


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