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How to create a MySQL Database and connect with a user? (cPanel Part-3)

In the previous part, we learned about the cPanel home-screen, sidebar and files section. Today we will discuss the Database Section.

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Database Section

  • php MyAdmin
  • MySQL Database
  • MySQL Database Wizard
  • Remote MySQL

php MyAdmin

php MyAdmin

We are familiar with those websites and localhost, almost everyone is familiar with php MyAdmin. You can see all the files in your database from here, create a new database and check the status of the database. Also, you can export and import your database.

MySQL Database

MySQL Database

If you want to create a new database, you can create a database from here. The new database will be created by typing your database name on the new database section and clicking on Create Database.

Current Database

Here, you will find your all database which you have created. From here you can change the name of the database or delete it as desired.

Modify Database

From here, you can check if there is any problem with your database. If there is a problem, clicking the Repair button from the bottom will be automatic repair.

MySQL Database Wizard

MySQL Database Wizard

After clicking here you will see step by step how to create a database. Just you need to type all information and click to Next Step button for creating a database.

MySQL Database Wizard

I just created a new database for test purpose. In the next step, you will need to click Create User with your username and password.

Remote MySQL

Remote MySQL

If you want, someone controls your database remotely and you give it access to the database, then you can do it with the help of Remote MySQL. Enter Host Address (IP Address / FQDN) and click on Add Host.

Manage Access Host

From here you can view your access host and delete it if desired.

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