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Blogger vs WordPress, which blogging platform is best for you?

When you are thinking of building a website, especially a blog, you might have a question in mind, will I create a website with a blogger? Or with WordPress?You may be thinking about blogging or writing online, but it is very important for you that you will actually use any platform. Based on this platform, what will be your website's design, what content you can give to your website, what benefits you will get on your website, and how much it will be possible to earn from your website? We will discuss this topic today, which is the best for you, Blogger or WordPress?


Blogger Featured Image

Blogger is a free blogging platform from Google. But the first it was created in 1999 by "Pyra Lab" and initially, its name was BlogSpot. This BlogSpot was the first free blog posting platform on the Internet. In 2003, Google bought it from the Pyra Lab considering the future needs of Google. Then in 2006, Google brought the BlogSpot to its own servers and made it a free blogging platform without any subscription charges. Then Google changed this name from BlogSpot to blogger.



WordPress is a free PHP and MySQL based open source web content management system. Basically, on May 27, 2003, for the creation of a blog website, Matt Mullenweg released this special content management system 'WordPress'. There Google Blogger is hosted on Google's server; WordPress has to be downloaded from and installed on its own web hosting or web server. WordPress is now termed as the best web content management system in the world.

Website Creation Cost

When you choose any one of your blogs as your blogging platform, here's a question about how much your website's lifetime will be. This is a lot easier for Blogger. You do not have to worry about hosting your website because Google has taken the responsibility of hosting your website here. So, if you create a website with Blogger's default domain; as long as Google and Blogger remain, your website will remain intact at the same time.

Since you can use a custom domain in Blogger, your site will remain intact forever if you can also renew your domain regularly. If you want, you can purchase a domain from Toshost. Our price is always affordable for our clients. You can purchase a ".com" domain only $11.

On the other hand, in addition to the domain of WordPress, your web hosting plan has to be regularly updated. When any of your domain addresses and hosting plans are stop, websites will not be visible for website visitors. So the WordPress website will remain active as long as you spend money on the website.

If you want to start your blog with WordPress, then you can see our web hosting plan, we provide web hosting at a cheap price. With web hosting, here you need to buy a domain name also.

Besides, you can also buy SSL certificates for your website, meaning that a secure connection for your website. Details about SSL certificates can be found in our article. However, for SSL certificates, the cost maybe $5 to $100 per year. And Cost will depend on what type of SSL Certificate you have purchased. But now you can get a free SSL service called 'Let's Encrypted' in your web-hosting panel, and this will also work as a free secure connection for your WordPress site. Here is the most important, cost of your site's domain and hosting. If you purchase any hosting service from Toshost, you will get a free SSL Certificate for encrypting your website. Because we provide free SSL Certificate with all of our hosting packages.

Theme for Website

Google has some default theme for Blogger, but most of the time you may not like it. But it's not a big problem for you. There are many third party themes, which you can use on your Blogger website. There are many free themes here. Generally, blogger themes are called templates. However, this theme has much fewer features than WordPress.

WordPress Thems

WordPress's Hughes Developer Friendly Environment and Its Functionality has allowed WordPress developers to add more features. And technically, blogging themes are mainly HTML, JavaScript based, and their loading speed is much more than WordPress themes. You can test, there are many themes that are available for WordPress as well as bloggers.


WordPress is much ahead of Google's blogger in terms of functionality; where you get more than 20000 plugins for WordPress, there are some wizards available from Blogger's Layout section. There are many plugins for WordPress's theme customization, many feature controls. And using these plugins tools, WordPress's user experience can be taken to different levels. WordPress has a user registration system that Google Blogger does not have.


Now there are many blogger themes where it can be seen that a variety of features like e-commerce. But it is very limited; there are only those features which are available in the theme only. On the other hand, in order to create something like e-commerce, WordPress has an official plugin like Woocommerce. E-commerce is an official plugin created by WordPress, which makes your WordPress site fully e-commerce ready. If there is more to say about functionality, a new plugin named PeepSo has come up through which you will be able to create a complete social network like Facebook by using WordPress.

Which Is Better For Blogging?

Which is better for blogging or writing? Then both are good. Rather, those who are looking for a medium to spread their writing to others; for them, I would say blogger is good. Because there will be no cost for you; only you have to spend some money on the domain. Simply Design's websites are good for blogging; And for that, I will say that in blogger you will find a very simple and completely free blogger template, that you can make a very nice website.

But if you want to get more advanced functionality as well as blogging, then WordPress is better for you.


But if you are thinking about income, then WordPress is the best for you. The Google AdSense you get on Blogger is 'Hosted' AdSense, which means AdSense is provided for the sites hosted on Google's own platform. Here Google will take 40% money from your Blogger site AdSense, and due money will give you. On the other hand, the AdSense for your hosted WordPress site is 'non-hosted' AdSense. And here you will get 68% of your income.

Here's another point, search engine optimization or short form SEO, which is a few techniques to bring visitors from search engines on every website. Blogger site search engine is a little confusing, but it may be necessary to edit the manual site, but there are separate plugins for each work in WordPress, so just by installing them, you can easily adjust the SEO.


Blogger is much ahead in terms of security. Because Blogger is hosted with Google's own cloud server. So the blogger can be hacked only if your Gmail account is hacked. Although the WordPress platform is quite secure, because of being self-hosted, the security of the website can be secured by using third-party plugins for security.

Both bloggers and WordPress are very good platforms on their own place. To use blogger, the user will not have to spend money and using WordPress then you have to spend some money. However, if you get a lot of leadership in the future due to regular standard content, then you will be more successful by using WordPress.

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